I participated in the Global Game Jam this weekend. I was responsible for 2D/3D art and texturing.  A challenge to make a game in 48 hours with a group of people. The participants of the game jam are given a theme to base their game around, and this year it was an audio recording of a heart beat.

This is my team’s game, Grave Heart. A multiplayer game where one person is buried alive and must stay alive while the other must wander a graveyard, listening for his heart beat to find him.


If you want to play, you can load it up in your browser here:


You can roam around or play the heart beat minigame in single player if you don’t have another person or computer to play with.

To play multiplayer, go to the computer which is playing the grave digger and press the “Find your friend” button (make sure this is done first). Then find the IP of this computer by using these instructions http://www.ehow.com/how_5147267_local-ip.html

Then go to the computer playing the heart beat minigame and type the IP number from the grave digging computer and press “Stay Alive” If you followed these instructions right, both computers will start the game automatically. 

So check it out. Theres also now a Freeroam option to just roam the level or try out the minigame without a second player networked to your game.

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